CubaNostalgia, the largest event celebrating everything great that is Cuban, is returning for its 20th edition at the Fair Expo Center in Miami on May 18, May 19 and May 20,  (Cuban Independence Day)  2018.
These days, Cuba is trendier than ever and we're show-casing Cuba's love affair with ! Besibol !. Guests will have a chance to transport themselves back to the baseball stands and cheer for their favorite teams, with photos and memorabilia of Cuban baseball players as well as meet and great some of our fabulous Marlin players.
Our 2017 Poster
by Cesar Santalo

The theme for last year's poster was vintage American cars from the fifties highlighting Cuban's love affair with American style and automobiles over 60 years. In the 1950's Cuba had a burgeoning middle class and with its proximity to the United States, Cuba was able to adopt a great deal of American values, culture and economic growth. During this time, Cuba had the third highest per capita income in the Western Hemisphere. After Fidel Castro overthrew Batista in 1959, a ban was introduced prohibiting the sale of foreign car parts and vehicles. Cuban's were left to fix and restore cars from decades past. At times these cars got passed down from generation to generation echoing days from the 1950's. Many Cuban refugees who left the island to the United States never forgot their love affair with American Classic Cars. Many of them contributed photos from their collection for the collage painting for this year's poster. The illustration is comprised of primarily Classic Ford Cars.

The three main car images on the poster are the Ford Fairlane in the middle with two Ford Thunderbirds on either side. The painting is comprised also of small cutout pictures from the South Florida Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Some of the members who contributed their photos and cars were: Luis Fernandez, Frank Garcia, Elpidio Padilla, Sergio Martinez, Eduardo Suarez and Gary Stump. Also included, are images spanning fifty years of Cuban Exile history which contains, photos of exile families in the United States, maps and advertisements from Esso in Cuba, license plates from Cuba and U.S. car collectors and other pop culture references.

On the top of the poster on the left is a silhouette of the Havana skyline and to
it's right is the Miami skyline with the Freedom tower. Each streetlight is reminiscent of those seen in Cuba and Miami. The canvas is segmented into several “V” shapes. The “V” letter was used as a part of the design in automobiles of the fifties indicating 8 cylinder engines or V8. All of these elements come together to form this year’s poster.

Poster is available to purchase at the entrance to the event. Be sure to meet Ceasar in "Plaza de Los Artistas".

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May 18, 19 & 20, 2018

FAIR EXPO CENTER  Coral Way & SW 112 Ave.
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM  Admission $12

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